Overzichtsfoto Galerie van den Berge 2004

Unfinished #9 (2005-2008)

November 26, 2005: Galerie van den Berge exists 15 years. Tom van den Berge (gallerist Galerie van den Berge) invites all artists of the gallery and delivers each a book to make some works in. In the near future an exhibition will show all the artistbooks.

October 9, 2005: I have put my book into water, kept it there until it would become a substance. I wanted to use this substance on the surface of a painting so the work could be called (in Dutch) 'BOEK OP DOEK' (book on canvas). I had to refresh the water from time to time because it became really smelly. After some time bacteries started to grow and I had to end the project for safety reasons.

January 3, 2007: Last picture. Title of the work - UNFINISHED 9.

September 24, 2007: UNFINISHED 9 images on CLARY.NL (below)

October 2007: flash 30 second registrations UNFINISHED 9 2005-2007 on CLARY.NL

August 2008: slideshow presented in groupshow PROPERTIES groupshow IS Projects, Leiden, the Netherlands

To see the full process of Unfinished #9 visit: http://www.clary.nl/0page8.html