UNFINISHED 14 / nicotine on canvas



Dear smoker,


The exhibition ON-LINE / 2 - 22 november 2007 shows, amongst others, works of Clary Stolte

at the Kloostergangen of the Townhall of Haarlem, the Netherlands. 


In the 'rookruimte' (smokersroom) of the Kloostergangen in the Townhall there are 4 white empty paintings. These white paintings will change of colour by the smoke in the room.

Every smoker participates in making these paintings by smoking in this room!


I would like to invite you to come and smoke your cigarette in the smokersroom of the Townhall of Haarlem, Grote Markt 2. This is possible at weekdays  9.30 – 17.00 u.


If you come and smoke in this room I would like to ask you to (carefully) blow some smoke close to the surface of the paintings so they will receive some smoke nearby from time to time.


I would like to thank you in advance for smoking in this room.



Clary Stolte



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