clary stolte


2018 - 2019

Stretching #2, 18x24cm acrylic yarn stretched around wooden frame

Soft polka dot 2, 24x30cm hand-crocheted Italian Mireno wool on canvas

Blue pattern, 18x24cm hand-crocheted acrylic yarn on canvas

Double stretching, 18x24cm stretched yarn around canvas on frame

Breton stripe stretch (Marinière), 18x24cm stretched yarn around canvas on frame

Soft polka dot 1, 18x24cm hand-crocheted arylic yarn on canvas

Red pattern, 18x24cm hand-crocheted Shetland wool on canvas

Love / reverse, 24x24cm invisible tape and love tape mounted on canvas

Orange / reverse, 24x24cm plastic and tape mounted on canvas

Variation on Transparency density, 24x30cm, invisible tape on wood

Pink grid, 30x40cm paper tape on perspex

Plastic Volumesurface #3, 24x24cm plastic tape

Transparencydensity 1 #15, 24x30cm yellow tape on frame

Transparencydensity 1 #10, 24x24cm yellow tape on frame

Transparency #9, 24x30cm nylon stocking on wooden frame with flower ornament

Cartouche, 18x24cm nails on canvas

Damaged #8, 30x30cm paper and staples on canvas

Transparent depth surface 14, 30x24cm glue and fabric on frame

Isolated Items / stand alone, 115x95 wooden frame standing on plinth

Transparency (wall) from the project Plastic Fantastic, stretched plastic, Soft Space, Haarlem (NL)