clary stolte


2019 - 2020
Hand knitted surface 7, 40x50cm hand-knitted wool on wooden frame

Double stretching #2, 30x40cm Shetland wool stretched on frame

Double stretching #3, 24x30cm stretched yarn and tape on frame

White knittings, 35x40cm hand-knitted mixed yarn with gradient

Pre-stretched #4, 30x33cm hand-knitted yarn with pen support

Pre-stretched #3, 50x75cm hand-knitted acrylic yarn / no stretcher

Soft polka dot / white, 24x33cm hand-crocheted acrylic yarn on frame

Volume surface / variation #3, 15x21cm paper and acrylic yarn

Reversed depth surface / green, 40x50cm fabric on wooden frame

Cartouche 2, 18x24 cm paper tape on wooden panel

Studio view

Reversed Volumesurface 1, 18x24cm canvas

Transparent depth surface, 24x30cm fusible interface on frame

Weak painting 4, 24x30cm glue and fusible interface on wooden frame

Variation #2 on Tdc, 24x30cm invisible tape on wooden panel

Nobody Knows, overview Asphodel Gallery, New York (usa)

Flat files - white #4 (18/19) 28x29cm acrylic on tracing paper

Density #2, 35x45cm quilting filler / no stretcher

Nobody Knows, 25x25cm photo mounted on dibond - edition 15

Yellow Volumesurface, 15x20cm folded sand paper

Pink surface #3, 50x50cm acrylic paint on canvas

Yellow Depthsurface, 18x24cm emulsioin and acrylic on canvas

Pink Grid, 21x29cm layers silkscreen on laser sheet
edition of 5 unique works - with Studio Onvervalst, Haarlem (nl)

Doubled Grid Series, 21x29cm layered silkscreens on laser sheets
edition of 5 unique works - with Studio Onvervalst, Haarlem (nl)

It's a Small World After All, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim

Transparancy density 14, 24x30cm tape on frame
I Want You, Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam - front: Just Quist

Pre-stretched #6, 170x200cm isolation sheets / no stretcher

Study for Brooklyn, 120x130cm fabric / no stretcher
right: Sander Reijgers

Multiple / edition for Museum Schunck (nl)
edition of 25, 10x15 each, various materials